Occupational Therapy with Sensory Integration and Neuro Developmental Techniques :

It is highly specialized and very effective in treating Hyperactivity, Autism, Asperser’s syndrome, Cerebral syndrome, Delayed milestone, Poor eye contact, Handwriting problems, Oro-motor/feeding problems, Posture correction, Early intervention, Pre term delivery, Nerve problems, Poor fine & gross motor skills, Poor attention/concentration, Downs syndrome, Balance problem, Paralysis, Muscular weakness.

Speech therapy :

We provide specialised speech therapy which may be very useful in Speech and Language disorder, Articulation problem, Voice disorder, D.S.L. (Delayed Speech & Language), Hearing loss, Stammering Cochlear Implant Child for speech therapy, Speech therapy for a child who has undergone cochlear implant.

Special Education Services :

In it scientifically researched methods are used to improve the mental abilities and cognitive skills which are the core foundations of learning and comprehension. Specific brain training exercises can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased academic performance.

i) Assessments : You can't help if you don't know where to start from! So we do Assessments to identify a student's specific learning profile by looking at cognitive abilities--things like attention, memory, processing speed, problem-solving, language skills, and organization--and academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, and maths. We provide all internationally

Certified Psychological Assessment Tests like,
a) Full Psycho-Educational Evaluation.
b) Screening for learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD.
c) Educational tests.
d) Cognitive tests/Aptitude/Intelligence tests.
e) Projective and Personality tests

ii) Learning Support : by Using special teaching strategies for children with different types of learning difficulties to improve upon the deficient skills of the child it includes

a) Reading Therapy
b) Writing Therapy
c) Math Therapy
d) Academic Coaching

iii.) EIS : Early intervention services program for children aged 2 to 6 years are for kids who have just been diagnosed with a special need and focuses on preparing them for routines involved in formal schooling.

iv.) Counseling Services: to help parents and kids understand the various issues at hand and help them in leading a productive and positive life.

4. Group Therapy :

To build social, motor and cognitive skills to work effectively in a group setting. It helps children achieve success, feel competent and belong through a range of therapies to ensure they reach their full potential. This is achieved through various activities painting, clay modeling, origami, dance, theater, music and various sports.

5. Teachers’ Training :

We offer Certified Courses for teacher and academic staff to train them in various disabilities.

6. Testing :

We Provide all Internationally Certified Psychological Assessment Test, some of them are

• Wechsler's Adult Intelligence Scale - Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) (Ages 17-90 years)
• Wechsler's Intelligence Scale for Children — Fourth Edition (WISC- IV) (Ages 6-16 yrs)
• Binet- Kamat Intelligence Test (BKT) (Ages: 3- 22 years and adults with mental handicap)
• Woodcock Johnson Test of Cognition — Fourth Edition (WJ-IV) (Ages 2-90+ years)
• Woodcock Johnson Test of Oral Language — Fourth Edition (WJ- IV) (Ages 2-90+ yrs)
• Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement — 3rd Edition (WJ III) (Ages 2-90 + years)


Pushpa Khanna Memorial Centre is a Rehabilitation Centre for children with special needs, run by NLK Group of Schools, providing Occupational Therapy with Sensory Integration, Speech Therapy, Special Education Services, Testing, Counseling Services and Training for teachers and parents. PKMC in Technical collaboration with BVerve Mumbai is offering a certificate course on "REMEDIAL TEACHER TRAINING FOR SPECIFIC LEARNING DISABILITIES". We have successfully completed our first batch of 50 teachers and parents empowering them in dealing with these children.

1. It is open for parents, teachers and other individuals who are interested in getting awareness about it.

2. Course is for 90 hrs. which is divided into two parts : 60 hrs. of teaching through lectures and presentations and 30 hrs. of internship at PKMC.

Background: One in every 6 school going children have some learning difficulty. Learning difficulties are; having severe or normal problem in reading, writing, and/or understanding the oral communication more specifically Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia etc. These children need some extra support for learning. As Ignacio Estrada said, "If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn". This course is specially designed to give an overall view of the learning difficulties faced by these children and to teach teachers, psychologist/therapist, parents and caregivers specific strategies to handle and overcome these difficulties.

KEY HIGHLIGHTS: 1. The Training will be conducted by BVerve team led by Ms.VeenaBasu, Our Technical collaboration partner for Special Education Services wing, who is running an independent multidisciplinary center called BVerve - Brain Vitality for all since 1996 in Mumbai. She has over 25 years of experience as a special education teacher in America and in India. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching the Multiply Handicapped from Bombay University, and a Masters in Science, Special Education- Learning Disability from Syracuse University, New York, USA. She has completed a 1 year program in Narrative Therapy from Adelaide; Australia. She had been running this programme in Mumbai for past many years and it is one of the most sought after and recognised programmes.

2. This training Programme will involve numerous interactive sessions with renowned Pediatricians, Neurologists and Occupational Therapist from all over India.

3. Best International Resource Material for Learning Support

a. Cognitive Skills Training material : Prep, Cogent, Math Module

b. Chaos to Clarity (C2C)

c. Multisensory teaching material

d. Teaching infants/toddlers and Preschoolers resources

e. Testing Material

f. Social Skills Material

4. Hands on training under professional guidance at Pushpa Khanna Memorial Centre