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Upcoming Events

Autism Awareness Conference 2020

April is earmarked by the United Nations as World Autism Awareness Month. This month is part of a global movement to raise awareness regarding Autism and increase understanding about the importance of early diagnosis and intervention, and the need for life time support for children and families impacted by Autism.
In tune with our motto of “celebrating diverse abilities”, Pushpa Khanna Memorial Centre for special need children will be celebrating Autism Awareness Month.
Autism is a neuro-developmental condition that significantly affects a person’s ability to communicate, understand relationships and relate to others. Most of the time Autism is misunderstood as mental retardation but it is just a typical neuro condition which gives a person an altogether different point of view to analyse the surrounding environment. It is pertinent to mention that one of the great scientist Albert Einstein had autism and this provided him a different angle to see the world. The person with Autism can do a miracle which a normal person cannot even think of. Autism is not a disability but a different ability. As per the latest survey, 1 in 59 children has autism. But because of lack of understanding of autism, instead of accepting, appreciating and nurturing a person with autism, we end up neglecting and discriminating him/her.
We at PushpaKahnna Memorial Centre, are making an earnest effort to spread awareness for Autism in general public for embracing and accepting Autism.
Do you consider yourself to be able?
In pursuance of our mission to “celebrating diverse abilities,” we had deliberately made certain omission and commission and commission in our Calendar 2020 for the abled population to find out and report to us!
Wait till April 2020 with us to figure out how able we are !!!

Join us in Autism Awareness Conference 2020

Certificate course in Specific Learning Disability

PKMC in Technical collaboration with B-Verve Mumbai has been offering a certificate course on “REMEDIAL TEACHER TRAINING FOR SPECIFIC LEARNING DISABILITIES”. It is also open for parents and other individuals who are interested in getting awareness about it.
Background : One in every 6 school-going children have some learning difficulty. Learning difficulties are; having severe or normal problems in reading, writing, and/or understanding oral communication more specifically Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia etc. These children need some extra support for learning.
As Ignacio Estrada said, “If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn”.
This course is specially designed to give an overall view of the learning difficulties faced by these children and to teach teachers, psychologist/therapist, parents and caregivers specific strategies to handle and overcome these difficulties.