Calender (2022)


A story on Pushpi 🌸

It was my second day of quarantine that this beautiful fragrance of a floral bouquet filled up the air. It was a gift from my dear friend Ruma Chaturvedi and her Pushpa Khanna Memorial Trust. A beautiful box titled ' I am Pushpi' bore the picture of the mascot of this Trust spreading it's services all over Uttar Pradesh. What I loved about Pushpi, the mascot of this Trust, was the importance of the girl child, and how she was spreading awareness through simple yet thoughtful messages all over the year, every month. Reminded me of the character 'Meena' from UNICEF videos. I don't know why, but this brilliant idea also made me feel so connected to the mission initiated by Mother Teresa and Her Missionaries of Charity. I wish little girl Pushpi a lovely journey ahead as she grows up into a woman and spreads her wings in addressing issues of not only special needs and abilities but also of healthy maternal and child health care which forms the foundation of any society. I sincerely pray that this noble mission of Pushpa Khanna Memorial Trust reaches the masses all over North Indian States and eventually all over India and beyond. ... #PushpaKhannaMemorialTrust

Aditi Bandyopadhyay

  • Gaurav Sharma, Father

    Holy place for angels of God. Team of PKMC serves Special ability children to make them super human being to serve this society. Really an amazing place

    Gaurav Sharma, Father
  • Saumya Rastogi, Mother

    This institution is a blessing for us and don’t worry about your child they are in safe hands. Everyone who works over there. They are so down to earth and available at any time whether it is offline or online. They work so hard to enhance your child.

    Saumya Rastogi, Mother
  • Rachaiyata Shastri

    My son has grown tremendously since attending PKMC's Counseling programs. We use their behavior strategies often and they help to keep him motivated.

    Rachaiyata Shastri
  • J K Kaul

    PKMC Kanpur has made a great difference in my child's behavior and confidence level. However, I wish they would have parent classes that are more practical and more convenient for parent's schedules.

    J K Kaul
  • Anita Singh

    Words can not express the care and compassion that I feel when I think about how "PKMC Kanpur" changed my son's life in such a postive manner. I love how much they love children despite their special needs.

    Anita Singh
  • Jai Deep Chadha

    It is such a great feeling to know that our family has found a unit for our "Special Child" that is so loving and supportive. Day by day, we have found a great change in our child. Thanks to PKMC for his excellent care!

    Jai Deep Chadha

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