Learning Support

For :

• Students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or developmental disabilities
• Students who are learning English or cannot speak English
• Students who are performing academically or developing intellectually well below or above the expectations for their age or grade level.


• After-hours strategies: we provide after-school or before-school programs that provide students with tutoring or mentoring, or that help students prepare for class or acquire study skills required in their everyday academic syllabus.
• Vacation-break strategies: Strategies such as summer school may be created to help students catch up (if they fell behind during the previous year) or prepare for the next grade. Similar support programs and learning opportunities may be provided during vacation breaks.

Techniques :

• Broad array of educational strategies, including tutoring sessions, summer learning experiences, after-school programs, teacher advisors as well as alternative ways of counselling, and instructing students.
• While the term academic support typically refers to the services provided to underperforming students, it may be used in reference to “enrichment” programs and more advanced learning opportunities provided to higher-achieving students.
• Special remediation classes to improve spelling, reading and handwriting issues.

Assessments :

• Specific educational focus or goal.
• Based on identified learning needs, and providing supplemental or intensive instruction, practice and guidance to students who are struggling academically or who have specialized needs.

How Will It Benefit A Child:

Academic support is considered a fundamental component of an effective education that should be provided to every student. We believe in bridging the learning gap that each child faces at one stage or another in their academic career.

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