WHO Caregivers Skill Training Program

PKMC runs WHO Caregivers Skill Training Program. This program has been developed by World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with Autism Speaks, USA for caregivers/parents of children with developmental delays and communication challenges, aged between 2 to 9 years, to improve their child’s communication, play, behaviour, and independent living skills. This is a researched and evidence based program running successfully in almost 40 countries of the world. In India, Ummeed Child Development Centre, Mumbai are the Master trainers for this program. Here it is pertinent to mention that Pushpa Khanna Memorial Centre is amongst one of the five centres in India, currently running this program and the very first in north India. Program is being run through online mode as per the below schedule as per precautionary measures.

Sr. NoContentIndividual Modules
1Introduction and Getting Children Engaged
First Home Visit
Module 1
2Keeping Children EngagedModule 2
3Helping Children Share Engagement in Play and Home RoutinesModule 3
4Understanding CommunicationModule 4
5Promoting Communication
Second Home Visit
Module 5
6Preventing Challenging Behaviour- Helping Children Stay Engaged and RegulatedModule 6
7Teaching Alternatives to Challenging BehaviourModule 7
8Teaching New Skills in Small Steps and Levels of HelpModule 8
9Problem Solving and Self Care
Third Home Visit (online)
Module 9

Embrace your child's ability.

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