Certificate Course in Specific Learning Disability


PKMC runs in collaboration with BVerve Mumbai, one of the most sought after course, “Specific Learning Difficulty” This course will empower you to understand the learning difficulties faced by a child and help in dealing with it. It's a 90 hrs. Course in which 60 hrs. will be of theoretical interactive teaching and 30 hrs. will be of hands on practical training at PKMC, a rehabilitation centre for special needs children in Kanpur.

Sr. No ContentNo. of HoursIndividual Modules
1Developmental Milestones & Developmental Delays2 HrsModule 1
2Understanding Characteristics- Specific Learning Disability (SLD), ADD/ADHD/Autism2 HrsModule 2
3Understanding Cognitive Processes- Attention, Perception, Processing Speed, Memory2 HrsModule 3
4 Oral Language-Understanding Oral Language4 HrsModule 4 and 5
5Phonemic Awareness Letter Sound Association2 HrsModule 6
6Reading Decoding- Assessment and Techniques/td>4 HrsModule 7 and 8
7Handwriting- Assessment and Strategies2 HrsModule 9
8Spellings- Assessment and Remediation2 HrsModule 10
9Building Vocabulary2 HrsModule 11
10Reading Comprehension- Assessment and Strategies-I2 HrsModule 12
11Reading Comprehension- Assessment and Strategies-II2 HrsModule 13
12Written Expression- Assessment and Remediation-I2 HrsModule 14
13Written Expression- Assessment and Remediation-II2 HrsModule 15
14Teaching Mathematics- Primary2 HrsModule 16
15Behavioral Management 2 HrsModule 17
16Classroom Modification2 HrsModule 18
17Study Strategies and Test Taking Skills2 HrsModule 19
18Using Technology2 HrsModule 20
19Understanding Neuroplasticity and Brain Training Programs-I2 HrsModule 21
20Understanding Neuroplasticity and Brain Training Programs-II2 HrsModule 22
21Importance of Supporting Team2 HrsModule 23
22Psycho-educational evaluation2 HrsModule 24
23Accommodation given by school boards for children with SLD2 HrsModule 25
24Available Resources2 HrsModule 26
25Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)-I2 Hrs--
26Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)-II2 Hrs--
27Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)-III2 Hrs--
28Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)-IV2 Hrs--

Embrace your child's ability.

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