Special Education

For :

• Children who have any academic or behavioural learning gap
• Age - ranging from as young as 2 years up to 18 years and beyond


• Individualized classes maximize the child’s skill set
• To train reading and writing
• Help the child perform daily living activities
• Provide remediation for the development of fine motor, gross motor, sensory, cognitive and communication skills
• Counselling for emotional and social support

Resources and Techniques used :

• Three basic R’s through the “Chaos to Clarity” programme developed by Ms.VeenaBasu, a special educator for the past 30 years from Mumbai.
• Visual and kinesthetic techniques, for alphabets and numbering
• Videos to understand daily living skills

Assessments :

All the sessions are based on individualized education plan created solely for the child after an assessment, specific for that service.
• Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale –II
• Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement Test
• Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing
• Beery
• Seguin Form Board Test
• BinetKamat Intelligence Test
• The Childhood Autism Rating Scale
• CONNERS 3 – Parents, Teachers and Self –Report Short
• Indian Scale of Autism
• Vineland Social Maturity Scale
• The Carolina Curriculum Assessment
• Language Assessment Tool
• Reading Comprehension – Informal assessment

How Will It Benefit A Child:

• Improves child’s logical, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills
• Develops oral and augmentative communication skills
• Enhances the personality
• Empowers both the Parents and the child to confidently move ahead in society