Pre- Vocational Training

For :

Pre-vocational training is aimed at adolescents and young people aged 14 to 20 with intellectual developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder or other disabilities.

Purpose :

A program designed to prepare a young adult for the performance of useful paid work in sheltered setting or community. It involves training in basic work skills and counselling as required for a typical employment setting. It will result in overall improvement of functionality and social adaptation, with the ultimate goal of equal social inclusion.

Techniques :

Pre vocational training for young people is structured on the basis of their experiences, interests and concerns, which are the subject of teaching and action. Each module is approached in a way that combines the experiential-communicative teaching and the appropriate educational material used.

Assessments :

• Pre Vocational Assessment and Training Tool (PVAT)
• Prevocational Assessment Screen (PAS)

How Will It Benefit A Child:

• Developing Skills that are necessary to complete the complex tasks of most jobs.
• They need to develop skills to find the job.
• Matching job requirement to the person’s abilities.
• Understanding work place etiquette.


1. AIMS-Media

For :

Any child between 7 to 21 years of age can join this course after a free of cost assessment

AEMP (Ability enhancement multimedia program) of AIMS Media is a comprehensive program which includes

• Art
• Craft
• Photography
• Computer Learning
• Editing
• Designing
• Marketing and much more


18 months, 9 hours a week (2 hours in 3 alternate days and 1 hour in 2 alternate days)

2. Prayas

Prayas aims to reinforce and harness the potentials of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders through the indigenous technology based solutions in their early years of life and give them a chance to become productive citizens of the society.
Prayas-Daksh is an add-on module of technology based training which follows a process curriculum.