Shyam Tiwari

When my daughter was diagnosed with autism, both of us were worried about how to handle it. We did not lose courage and thought of fighting it together. I would appreciate my wife, who worked day and night to do the best she could for her child. There is a good doctor in my society who told us to go to Pushpa Khanna Memorial Center. The hope that brought us here, our search, was fulfilled here.
It is commendable how hard they work for the children and pay attention to each child. I see improvements not only in my child but in all the children.
Whenever I go there with my daughter, I observe that there is a positive development in all the children. I have been to many centers in different cities, but the enthusiasm with which everyone here strives for the children is priceless. Our city is lucky to have such a well-organized and well-managed Pushpa Khanna Memorial Centre in Kanpur. For this, I would like to wish all the teachers and staff of Pushpa Khanna Memorial Center and hope that they will continue to work hard with even better efforts because you all have a huge responsibility to our society. I would like to give a special thanks to Ruma Chaturvedi Ma’am who is providing world-class facilities to these children at very low cost and always gives special attention to each and every child and inspires her team…