Young Minds in community service

Therapists can boost a child’s imagination, talents, and ability to communicate by utilising their creative traits. Art therapy has proven to be quite beneficial with children on the autism spectrum disorder.

Anika Bajpai, a high school senior, volunteered to work every Friday evening at our rehabilitation centre. She has a strong interest in painting and was always inquisitive about how she could use her hobbies to benefit others.

Anika had excellent ideas for how she could involve the children with autism in art activities that would be therapeutic as well as simple for the little toddlers to follow.

While volunteering, she worked with Aditya, a child with special needs.

She started with a warm-up session that included blowing bubbles to encourage Aditya to build up his oral motor skills and control his breath for speech. Then Anika used the bubble blowing technique to create a blow painting. And the effects were fantastic, as evidenced by the images.