PKMC & Indian Academy of Pediatrics: Advocating Autism Awareness

2nd April, PKMC, in association with the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Kanpur Chapter, organized the “Autism Awareness Program”. The event was enlightening and heartwarming. Our Director Ms. Ruma Chaturvedi, shared her personal journey with autism, Dr. Yashwant Rao, President, IAP, Kanpur emphasized milestone monitoring of kids, Dr. Amitesh Yadav, Secretary, IAP stressed the vital role of parents as teachers and therapists, and Dr. Saima Wasti, MOT, discussed therapy's importance. Special needs children showcased their singing and musical skills, adding joy. Ms. Nidhi’s inspiring journey as a parent of a special needs child left a lasting impact. The program highlighted the need for understanding and support for children and adults with Autism. PKMC has been working hard to ensure that families have the best services and support in Kanpur, which they need to successfully care for their children and that our children are safe and well.