Awareness program in CSJM University

Pushpa Khanna Memorial Center Initiates Interactive Session at CSJM University

Pushpa Khanna Memorial Center (PKMC) took a significant step on September 16, 2023, by conducting an interactive session at CSJM University to raise awareness about various disabilities. Directed by Ruma Chaturvedi, the session not only provided insights into different disabilities but also sensitized students on the importance of embracing diversity.PKMC’s initiative went beyond knowledge-sharing, aiming to instill a sense of responsibility among students to actively contribute to building a more inclusive society. Chaturvedi discussed strategies for breaking down societal barriers and fostering an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated.
The session served as a forum for students to ask questions, share experiences, and challenge stereotypes, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by differently-abled individuals. This event marks a significant milestone in PKMC’s ongoing commitment to championing inclusivity and creating a more compassionate society.