Diwali mela

On November 4th, we illuminated the spirit of Diwali with a unique touch by organizing the “Diwali Abiliverse” fest. This celebration was not just about lights and festivities but also aimed at inclusivity and creativity. Children took center stage as they showcased their talents through handmade crafts at various stalls. From colorful diyas to vibrant rangolis, the mela was a testament to the artistic prowess of our young participants.
The atmosphere was filled with joy as families roamed through stalls showcasing the children’s creations, bringing a special charm to the occasion. Games and snack stalls added to the festive spirit, creating an environment where laughter and enjoyment echoed throughout.
“Diwali Abiliverse” wasn’t just a fair; it was a celebration of abilities, talents, and the joy of coming together as a community. Parents, children, and visitors alike reveled in the unique experience, making it a Diwali to remember—one filled with creativity, inclusivity, and boundless joy.